Beauty Confession: I Ditched The Heat Styling Tools



I would just like to preface this post by saying that I never intended on doing this beauty experiment. The truth is: Summer is hot and humid, and I REALLY don’t want to sweat when I’m trying to get ready for work in the morning.

So there I was: a young girl (aka two weeks ago) with a hairdryer, a hot iron and high hopes. New York was just starting to heat up (we just got done with the first heat wave of the summer, and it was definitely uncomfortable). And the last thing I wanted to do was blow dry my hair and straighten it, curl it or something ridiculous like that.

That’s when I took a leap of faith. I ditched the heat styling tools, and vowed to not touch them again until the weather cooled down. For the past two weeks, I’ve undergone a personal journey per se. In the past, I NEVER liked how my hair looks naturally. The top sections of my hair are straight. The bottoms parts of my hair are wavy and unruly. And my hair overall is very dry and frizzy.

Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade over the past few weeks, and I’m happy to report that I’m starting to enjoy my natural hair.

Obviously, EVERYONE’S hair is a unique snowflake. These are the things that I found worked best for my hair. I cannot speak from experience about hair that is naturally straight, curly, kinky, chemically treated, etc.




It’s all about the styling product you use. I found, after a few tries, my hair works best with hair oils. After showering and towel drying my hair, I rub a small amount of oil in my palms and distribute evenly. I make sure not to break up the wavy curly parts of my hair so that they remain intact.




Showering at night is SUPER beneficial. For me, it allows my hair to air dry, and it leaves it with a soft workable texture in the morning that’s not too clean, but not totally dirty.





The half-up-bun is the way to go. I always thought this hairstyle was cute, but I never tried it until I moved to New York (actually the day I moved to be exact). This hairstyle is PERFECT for people with mixed texture in their hair like me. I can just “bun up” the straight parts and leave the rest down. This is also great for speedy mornings after I’ve slept through the first few alarms.




Flaunt the messy look. Seriously. OWN IT. I always hated my natural hair until I really let go of my worries these past couple weeks. My hair is a part of who I am. And so be it.





If ALL else fails, bun it ALL up. I really like the look of a messy, textured bun with a hair scarf or bandana. This way, I’m not using heat tools, my hair is out of my face, and I’m accessorizing my outfits.

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