The Face Toner That Soothed My Irritated Skin


One night last month, I made the very bad decision to sleep in my makeup. Admittedly, I used to do this a lot in high school. But my baby skin at the time was able to bounce back the next day with ease. At the time, I thought sleeping it makeup wasn’t that bad as long as I just washed my face a little longer the next morning. But after years of rigorously following a nightly skincare routine, my skin was not prepared for my epic mistake last month.

Maybe it was the fact that my skin is older now, the added stress from my work schedule, or the prolonged winter weather. Whatever the case, the day after I slept in my makeup, I woke up with skin that HATED me. It was red and inflamed, and there were breakouts all over: from my chin to my cheeks and forehead. My poor face was so angry. I tried to take extra care of my skin the following few days: trying to balance it out with gentle cleansers and sheet masks targeted towards redness and acne. But I think the skincare product that helped save my skin the most was Snowy Owl Cove’s Placid Toner for sensitive skin.


I’ve been applying this toner after my double cleanse but before my serum and creams. In the past, I never really found toner to be necessary. I understand why it’s important, especially if you need to balance your PH, but a lot of cleansers also balance your PH nowadays. This toner, however, has completely changed my mind. I can tell the days when I forget to use it, because my skin doesn’t feel as fresh, calm and balanced. Besides, the scent of this product hardly goes unnoticed. On days when I forget my toner, I feel like my face doesn’t smell as pleasantly clean as it does when I use the Placid Toner.













After researching a few of the ingredients from this toner, I completely understand why it feels so much better than the ones I’ve used in the past: without a doubt, it’s the carrot seed oil. Upon further research, carrot oil seems to be an overlooked essential oil, despite its numerous health and beauty benefits. The essential oil is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are both anti-aging. But, it can also help to calm or even cure signs of dermatitis, eczema and rashes (according to the World Carrot Museum). Most importantly, carrot oil is known for its detoxification and purification properties, both on the liver specifically and the body as a whole. The combination of its purification and calming properties work together so well, and it’s clear to me that this is the reason why the toner instantly soothes my irritated skin.


Do I recommend this product? Heck yes. Do I believe it’s a unique product you can’t find anywhere else? Definitely. I love supporting smaller indie brands, and Snowy Owl Cove’s use of underrated all-natural essential oils is something that should be celebrated. I’m also a firm believer in investing in skincare, and this product is well worth the $38 price tag. If you need anymore justification for the price, the size of the product is hefty, and I don’t see myself running out anytime soon. But you betcha I’ll be repurchasing when I do.


A huge thank you to Snowy Owl Cove for sending me this product to test out.

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